DenimoTECH offers a complete line of equipment, plants and accessories for the production of bitumen emulsion for road building and maintenance. Our high quality bitumen emulsion plants and equipment produce a wide range of road applications. By emulsifying the bitumen, it improves adhesion to the base surface and saves energy because it is mixed at lower level temperatures. The impact on the environment is significantly lower than other technologies as the reduction of Co2 is up to 80%. Bitumen emulsion also speeds construction as it is easier to work with and maintains more consistent qualities throughout the process. Furthermore, emulsified mixes have sturdier properties and do not crack as easily as standard mixes.

Poly Modified Bitumen (PMB) plants

Depending on your application PMBs have proven to provide prolonged life to pavement over standard bitumen. Our inline plants offer high production capacity for blends of bitumen and polymers.


Bitumen emulsion plants

At the heart of our plants are our colloid mills. DenimoTECH offers a full line of batch plants, inline plants, mobile, and fixed plants capable of producing emulsions in small to large volumes. 


Research plants and laboratory equipment 

Several versions of our research plant and bench laboratory mill are available and designed for production of regular road grade bitumen emulsions, polymer modified and industrial grades. They are small scale versions of full scale plants allowing you to replicate and test your formulations. 


Chemical dosing units


Batch and inline tanks (accessories)

Spare parts

Our products are manufactured to the highest European standards and made of the finest grade materials. Expect DenimoTECH’s equipment to run for years providing a great return on investment. Any time you need spare parts to configure your equipment, we are here to support you and can deliver anywhere in the world.


Whether you are a road contractor, a wholesaler of bitumen, or an oil company, DenimoTECH has the right combination of equipment, consulting, research and services to make your projects a success. Not only will you have the highest quality machinery in the industry through DenimoTECH and our partners, we can also assist you in supplying the best formulations for your local area, as well as efficient processes backed by world class training and support.