Industry leadership through higher quality and better service

  • The highest quality stainless steel plants and equipment made, offering long life durability and less downtime
  • Technology leadership that produces more stable emulsions, for roads that last longer
  • A global network of trusted and knowledgeable business partners that deliver with local know-how
  • Research plants that offer technical and chemical guidance customized for specific local  conditions and requirements, ensuring you achieve the most cost effective production for your project
  • Equipment that meets a wide range of application needs
  • Plants are designed to be upgradable so components of your plant can be customized over time to meet your changing needs
  • Plug and play plants that arrive fully assembled and already tested, saving installation and commissioning time
  • Offering a one year or 1200 hour 100% guarantee

The road ahead is always smooth with DenimoTech as your manufacturer. With customers and partners on every continent, DenimoTech is committed to provide the best service in the industry.

Our products: Better alloys, better engineering, better output
Denimo Tech’s engineers pride themselves on manufacturing a complete line of equipment: Mobile and static plants, research plants, tanks, chemical dosing units and spare parts for all your bitumen emulsion and PMB applications. We manufacture products to output the most stable, consistent, and durable emulsions possible for the commercial industry.

Our promise: To help you down the road ahead
Not only do we try to produce the highest quality plants and equipment in the industry; where we really stand out is our service. We conduct ourselves with professionalism, integrity and desire to build customer loyalty by exceeding customer expectations.