Bitumen Emulsion Plants


Bitumen emulsion offers many advantages over standard road bitumen. Bitumen emulsions can be used for a number of road paving applications such as; binder in "cold mix" or "slurry seal", or in connection with surface dressing or for priming purposes.


An emulsion can be defined as a dispersion of small droplets of one liquid in another liquid. Bitumen emulsions are an oil-in-water type of emulsion where the bitumen is dispersed in water. The size of the droplets is generally in the range of 0.001 to 0.01mm. The bitumen content in the emulsion depends on the intended application of the emulsion, but is rarely lower than 40% or higher than 70%.


Because the bitumen emulsion is so free flowing at ambient temperatures it can easily be spread on a road structure and will penetrate and bond to every pore and crack in the surface.

Advantages of bitumen emulsion

  • Low viscosity at ambient temperatures, means better penetration and easier spreading
  • Electrically charged ions produce better adhesion
  • No pre-heating necessary saving energy costs
  • Cold application makes it safer and easier to use

Our higher quality materials production brings more value to your projects

DenimoTECH’s bitumen emulsion plants have a colloid mill at their heart. These mills are of the highest quality alloys, and produce cationic, anionic and non-ionic emulsions. The electrical charges of these emulsions bind tightly with the charge of the road and ground surface. Furthermore, the smaller the droplets created by the colloid mill, the more stable the emulsion and the more durable the properties. This is where DenimoTECH shines. Our mills were designed to mill very fine droplets and create very stable, durable emulsions.


DenimoTECH deploys a variety of bitumen emulsion plants for every road construction need. Those are either batch or inline; automatic, semi-automatic or manual. Additionally, all DenimoTECH plants can be made fixed or mobile.