Single Pass PMB/CRMB Plants

In addition to our line of bitumen emulsion plants, DenimoTECH manufactures plants for modification of bitumen with polymer or crumb rubber. 


Our PMB/CRMB plants

With DenimoTECH’s precision equipment, you can manufacture products for a number of applications meeting all requirements related to road conditions and climate challenges.      


The PMB/CRMB plants come in capacities from 3 - 60 ton/hour. They are available in batch- and inline configuration, depending on capacity needed.


Besides our regular PMB plants, DenimoTECH also offers a 10 & 20 t/h containerized COMPACT solution. Plant arrives fully asembled, tested and read to go in a 20" container. The layout in a standard shipping container simplifies handling and gives low freight costs and excellent protection during transport.


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