The oil refining industry

DenimoTECH works with a large number of oil refiners to bring them the best capabilities for bitumen emulsion and PMB production. We know your bottom line is affected by volatile energy costs. You are under pressure to cut emissions and increase safety standards in your production.

Governmental regulation is demanding more precise specifications in manufactured materials. Global demands are changing your product mix and driving the need for flexibility in production processes.  


We know what you need

DenimoTECH understands what you need in the conversion of crude by-products to a variety of useful emulsions and PMBs that are profitable to your bottom line. We offer our oil industry customers an opportunity to cut energy costs and emissions with our efficient processes.  

Our advanced designs are fully automated, lessening the need for worker handling of hazardous materials. And the instrumentation build into our plants offers precise control and better optimization of the end products.  

Because all of our plants utilize the same high quality components, all plants are fully upgradable and flexible, making them a good value for companies that need flexibility and long life from their plants.


At DenimoTECH we want to be your partner.