CLIENT CASE : Jiangsu Baoli Ashpalt Co.

Sep , 2011

Jiangsu Baoli Asphalt Co. is a very well known company based in China. They have a strong reputation for providing high quality asphalt to critical Chinese transportation projects.  They have grown rapidly from one plant in 2007, to four plants in 2011, with two more in the planning stages.


The vice general manager of the company, Mr. Wang Hongbing, is a very well respected businessman.  With a background in research, technology and design engineering, Mr. Hongbing plans his facilities himself with a focus on producing the highest quality asphalt. 


According to research firm ICIS, China’s five-year development plan calls for 61,000 km of new highways.  In addition to maintenance in southern China and the Yangtze River Delta, much of the new construction will be in the central, western and northern provinces of China, where Jiangsu Baoli Asphalt has operations.  The demand for high quality bitumen will continue to rise by as much as 10%  per year from 2011 to 2015.


To keep up with demand, Jiangsu Baoli Asphalt Co. plans to add additional emulsion plants in 2012 and 2013.  Since he built his first plant in 2007, Mr. Hongbing has used equipment manufactured in Denmark by DenimoTech for his asphalt emulsion plants. 


When Mr. Hongbing was just starting up, he asked his best friend who was also in the industry, for a recommendation on the brand of equipment to buy.  His friend’s firm had purchased DenimoTech equipment and was very satisfied with it.  He recommended it to Mr. Hongbing.


Mr. Hongbing looked at several other manufacturers as well.  He has compared domestic and foreign manufacturers and decided he must import DenimoTech because it produced higher quality asphalt than others he has seen.  “In my opinion the equipment is higher quality than equipment from other regions, “ says Mr. Hongbing, “DenimoTech is very European and very serious about quality.”  Asphalt manufactured on DenimoTech equipment is used for precision work on high speed highways and high speed trains.


Jiangsu Baoli has not required service on DenimoTech manufactured plants because they run so well. DenimoTech’s  competent agent, Hotlink International Trading Company LTD., in China carries spare parts for the equipment so the plants can be quickly stocked and remain in production with little downtime.  After utilizing DenimoTech equipment in production for three years, Mr. Hongbing is happy with his relationship with DenimoTech and Hotlink.


About Jiangsu Baoli Asphalt Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Baoli Asphalt Co., Ltd. engages in the production and sale of asphalt products. Its products include GM-modified asphalt, emulsified asphalt, high-viscosity modified asphalt, asphalt direct investment high modulus material, epoxy resin modified asphalt, rubber modified asphalt, anti-corrosion paint asphalt, liquid asphalt, and other asphalt products. The company also involves in distribution, storage, transit, and domestic imports of petroleum bitumen petroleum asphalt. Its asphalt products are used in the construction of highway, national, provincial, and municipal roads. The company exports its asphalt materials to Algeria. Jiangsu Baoli Asphalt Co. was founded in 2002 and is based in Jiangyin, China. Their website is

About DenimoTech
DenimoTech A/S is a global manufacturer of high quality asphalt emulsion and PMB equipment, diagnostic and control technologies, and technical consulting services that help infrastructure companies on all continents deliver roads with the right characteristics in quality, type, size, style and cost. For more information visit or call +45 6390 5000.



About HOTLINK (Shanghai) Int’l Trading Co., Ltd.
HOTLINK acts as a business partner in greater China of Bitumen Emulsion Production Equipment & Polymer Modified Bitumen Production Equipment from Danish manufacturer Denimo Tech.  All agent products from HOTLINK with high technology content, high environmental-protection performance, high ratio of performance to price, and high value-added service; their products have been widely used in the constructions of airport runways, expressways, and municipal roads in China ; and as well as in the construction of Shanghai EXPO.  Their website is