We are in the market to supply our partners worldwide with the best possible equipment for bitumen treatments like emulsification and modification.

If you are within the following segments:

Oil refining, infrastructure, petrochemicals, construction

DenimoTECH is the Danish company you want to partner up with. A partnership with DenimoTECH ensures quality and responsibility in products and processes, as well as in our attitude towards partners and the surrounding environment.


In 2023 we at DenimoTECH, will create the highest return-on-investment for our customers within the targeted industries worldwide.


Our core values - Trust, Appreciation, Respect and Responsibility – shall always reflect any action and any purpose with relevance to our business

Who we are

DenimoTECH is a global manufacturer of emulsion and PMB mills and plants, bitumen melting units, bitumen transportation and storage tanks, diagnostic and control technologies, with a network of distributors worldwide focues on helping our customers to be successful. DenimoTECH is owned by DenimoTECH Holdings in the UK. 

For over a decade DenimoTECH's mission has been to provide both the global road construction industry and oil companies with the emulsion and polymer modified bitumen (PMB) technology, innovation and expertise to produce highly stable emulsions for building high performance roads that last, while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Our technology

Our plants and equipment are made of some of the highest grade alloy materials in the industry. This means they last longer and resist corrosion better, making them a better return on investment over time. Furthermore, the precision engineering that goes into our colloid mills enables them to output extremely fine micro droplets, producing some of the most stable and durable emulsions and polymer modified bitumen on the market.

DenimoTECH Research plants offer multiple inputs, precision controls and comprehensive monitoring systems, enabling producers to formulate and test a variety of samples pre-production. Our technology helps customers create the best performing and most cost effective materials possible.

After serving road contractors and refineries for years, we know you have a job to do and are typically under deadline pressure. That’s why our “plug and play” plants arrive fully assembled and tested, ready to go to work.

Our services

The superiority of our equipment is only part of the story. Our fundamental business objective is to build long terme relationships through service, both with customers and business partners. Toward this end, we promise you will be served wth competence, reliability and integrity. Our long-establised network of trusted and knowledgeable busimess partners brings local expertise to customers on every continent.

Our quality

One of the reasons our plants and equipment produce such high quality output, is because they’ve been designed to comply with strict European Standards for manufacturing. Not only will you feel the quality in our equipment, you will see the quality in the bitumen emulsion and PMBs produced. 


DenimoTech is committed to sustainable development and strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible in all of our manufacturing and processes. Our “Zero Waste” plants are among the most efficient anywhere because they eliminate all pre-production waste. Our inline plants are very energy efficient, as they utilize the energy relesed from the production as heat source for preheating the in-going waterphas. We develop continuous innovations like this to ensure your people are safer and your processes are more efficient.

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