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Our latest mill for bitumen emulsion production, originally designed in collaboration with Akzo Nobel, broadens the range of bitumen that can be successfully emulsified and improves the stability and quality of the emulsion. Tests were performed all over the world on multiple grades of bitumen and polymer modified types. The mill was then designed to produce high quality outputs using this wide variety of input types.

Success is in the droplets

The droplet size distribution of the emulsion is decisive to its storage stability. It also directly influences the emulsion viscosity and breaking behavior. In high bitumen content emulsions, like those used for surface dressing, bitumen at a rate of 2% or more can be saved without lowering the viscosity. For applications such as slurry surfacing finer droplets significantly improve the breaking performance.

By controlling the particle size distribution the properties of the emulsion can be improved and optimized in relation to the local requirements and the locally available raw material. This may prove to be the critical factor between success and failure when emulsion applications are introduced in new regions or when the properties of the raw material are changing.

Colloid Mill features

  • Delivered fully assembled as complete units
  • Milling zone with pattern of grooves and teeth for efficient droplet dispersion
  • Continuously variable speed optimizes the milling and produces better emulsion properties
  • Variable gap adjustment to control droplet size distribution
  • Low relative power consumption
  • Low or no pressure drop
  • High alloy stainless steel all through the mill, allows production of extremely low-ph emulsion grades and minimizes the need for flushing
  • Direct flange mounting on the motor, minimizes the installation space requirement
  • Low noise
  • Available in sizes from 3 to 60 t/h and in a laboratory version of 300 l/h

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