Polymer Modified Bitumen Plants

Year after year, increasing growth in traffic and vehicle loads are causing accelerated deterioration of road pavements. Advanced materials such as Polymer Modified Bitumens (PMBs) have been developed that prolong the life of pavements. PMBs elasticity has proven beneficial in reducing cracks and ruts, and increased tolerance for heat. Additionally, they offer better adhesiveness with aggregates, and excellent stability during storage and transport. These advantages make PMB cost effective over its life-cycle, especially as they reduce the frequency of maintenance in highly stressed areas. Bitumen modifier has proven to be highly effective in decreasing permanent deformation at high road temperatures, without affecting other properties of the bitumen emulsion.

PMB features

  • Higher resistance to weight or pressure
  • Surface remains smoother for a longer time
  • Resistance of aging due to high temperatures
  • Less cracking in low temperatures
  • Less affected by moisture over time
  • More elasticity reduces rutting and cracking

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