Research Plants and Lab Equipment

Several versions of our pilot scale research plant and bench laboratory mill are available and designed for production of regular road grade bitumen emulsions, polymer modified and industrial grades. 

They are small scale versions of full scale plants allowing you to replicate and  test your formulations and process design.

Dual Purpose Bitumen Emulsion and PMB Research Plant

The DenimoTECH bitumen emulsion and PMB research plant provides manufacturers with a platform to test, improve, and design recipes for any type of project. 

Our research plant is capable of producing cationic, anionic and non-ionic emulsion at a maximum capacity of 300 l/h.

Advantages of the DenimoTECH Research Plant

  • Variable speed motor drives allow continuous flow of the water phase and bitumen
  • Plug and play electrical connection
  • All integrated components are mounted on a steel frame with wheels including: Water phase-, bitumen-, mill- , electrical and emulsion system
  • In addition to the standard bitumen tank, a small container system is available that allows testing of several different bitumen grades without having to empty the main system between trials.
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Hinged doors provide easy access to parts for service and cleaning

Bench Laboratory Colloid Mill (BLM)

Replicates the production process

This portable scale lab replicates the production process for preparation of bitumen emulsions, and a heated and insulated version replicates production of Polymer Modified Bitumen.

Designed just like the full-scale production mills, the rotor and stator system, coupled with the variable speed drive, produces fine and narrow droplet distribution.  

The BLM produces the following results:

  • Develop and test variations of the droplet distribution to optimize exact requirements for your project, before moving to full scale production
  • Test various raw materials to find those bitumens that are of the best quality for your project
  • Adjust the milling energy when blending polymer modified bitumen

Everything you need in one small package 

This integrated compact unit is made to fit on a regular laboratory bench. It's precision engineering and small-scale enables production of samples as small as 500ml. This minimizes the amount of raw material needed for test, making it very efficient.

Technical Description

  • Colloid mill, made of AISI 316L stainless steel, with high-speed bearings and high-speed AC motor
  • Thermostatically controlled electrical heating of colloid mill
  • Pipe system and other components in AISI 316 stainless steel for corrosion resistance against low pH emulsions
  • Pipe system with funnel to receive the bitumen and other ingredients, re-circulation pipe system and sample valve
  • Electrical box with start/stop, thermostat, main power switch and contactor motor protection and frequency controller
  • Console
  • Heating and insulation of pipe system and funnel for preparation of polymer modified bitumen (Optional.)

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