Inline Emulsion Plants

Inline systems give great flexibility during production. Flows for water and chemicals into the bitumen are controlled individually and can be changed during production. All chemicals and water are added continuously during production, instead of having to pre-mix, therefore it can run continuously without stops and starts.


Inline systems can produce a wide variety of bitumen emulsions as all ingredients can be added separately in highly controllable amounts.

The main advantages of continuous plants compared to batch plants are:

  • Quick change from one emulsion type to another
  • Less labor and lower handling costs are required
  • Health hazards related to the handling of chemicals are almost eliminated
  • Higher utilization by elimination of the time required to prepare for batches
  • Heat can be recovered simply from the emulsion via a cooler and used to heat the incoming water.
  • Extensive PC recording is carried out and stored on the hard disk for later retrieval and quality follow-up

As with all DenimoTECH plants, our bitumen emulsion inline plants offer high quality manufacturing, easy operation, safe material handling, require less energy to operate, reduce waste of raw materials, save time, reduce downtime, are easy to install and are adaptable to produce a wide variety of material outputs.


Automatic DEP Inline

This plant can be run by one man since it is computer controlled, incorporating automatic closed loop control of each material flow and the process water heating.  These controls enable closer tolerances for more exact formulations. Produces at a rate of 12, 20, 40 or 60 ton/hour capacity.  

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