Road Construction

Connecting people and resources

The road construction industry connects people and resources promoting growth and better standards of living around the globe. DenimoTECH is committed to serve the industry with the most advanced products that use natural resources efficiently, limit the health and safety exposures to workers, and are kinder to the environment.  


You’re going to need us..

As traffic volumes increase, commercial loads increase, and construction budgets become tighter, it is more important than ever to utilize materials that have longer life, in all weather conditions.  

Furthermore, the better quality the machinery manufacturing your road materials, the more continuous use you can expect, with less maintenance or downtime.  

We engineer our plants to be flexible in settings and components, allowing an almost unlimited number of settings and combinations, to produce a wide range of emulsions and PMBs to fit any local condition and maximize your time, energy, materials and profits. 

Not just a manufacturer, a knowledge partner

DenimoTECH and our business partners bring the technical know-how to keep up with an industry that is growing increasingly sophisticated and technology driven.  

Our years of research and experience developing formulations for every type of road application have produced innovative global technology.  

Our deep understanding of your needs is shared with our global network of partners, who provide you with the local and on-site expertise you need.

We support the industry every step of the way with the finest machinery, comprehensive consulting and support services, and local knowledge of the conditions you face.

At DenimoTECH we want to be your partner.