Bench Laboratory Colloid Mill (BLM)

Replicates the production process

This portable scale lab replicates the production process for preparation of bitumen emulsions, and a heated and insulated version replicates production of Polymer Modified Bitumen.


Designed just like the full-scale production mills, the rotor and stator system, coupled with the variable speed drive, produces fine and narrow droplet distribution.  

The BLM produces the following results:

  • Develop and test variations of the droplet distribution to optimize exact requirements for your project, before moving to full scale production
  • Test various raw materials to find those bitumens that are of the best quality for your project
  • Adjust the milling energy when blending polymer modified bitumen

Everything you need in one small package 

This integrated compact unit is made to fit on a regular laboratory bench. It's precision engineering and small-scale enables production of samples as small as 500ml. This minimizes the amount of raw material needed for test, making it very efficient.


Technical Description

  • Colloid mill, made of AISI 316L stainless steel, with high-speed bearings and high-speed AC motor
  • Thermostatically controlled electrical heating of colloid mill
  • Pipe system and other components in AISI 316 stainless steel for corrosion resistance against low pH emulsions
  • Pipe system with funnel to receive the bitumen and other ingredients, re-circulation pipe system and sample valve
  • Electrical box with start/stop, thermostat, main power switch and contactor motor protection and frequency controller
  • Console
  • Heating and insulation of pipe system and funnel for preparation of polymer modified bitumen (Optional.)

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